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A little about me

The principal and licensee-in-charge of Residential Real Estate Agents is John Gavagna.

John has a background and skills set seldom found in a licensed real estate agent. He practised as a commercial lawyer for five years, having graduated from Sydney University, holding both a Law Degree and an Arts Degree.

John then took up the opportunity to manage a wine and food distribution business. As this was a sales and marketing focused business he spent much of his time developing marketing strategies, negotiating sales and managing a sales team, in addition to his other management responsibilities.

As a consequence of this extensive legal and commercial background John entered the Real Estate Industry with a competitive advantage.

The depth of his knowledge of the legal system and the law, his management, marketing and sales skills and experience, all combine to ensure that his clients have a highly skilled negotiator and advisor looking after their best interests.

John is committed to ensuring that Residential Real Estate Agents continues to provide the highest standard of service possible to our valued clients.


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